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Multidimensional Genotoul

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New Genotoul 2023-2024 booklet



I like to think of Genotoul as a multi-dimensional space where technologies and expertise come together; Toulouse laboratories in all their diversity in the life sciences, health and beyond; the academic and business worlds; knowledge and innovation; animals and plants… A ‘unique place’ in the research landscape in the west of the Occitanie region, driven for 25 years by the desire to pool and share know-how, technical resources and methodological advances.


The renewed support of the Occitanie Region, Toulouse Métropole and Sicoval alongside the French government and research bodies in the current CPER illustrates Genotoul’s leading role in the deployment of collaborative equipment projects, and we would like to thank them for this. This editorial is also an opportunity to send a friendly greeting to BioCampus Montpellier, which plays a similar role in Occitanie Est, and to Julien Cau, its director, who came to share his experience with us at Genotoul’s last general meeting.



However, as we know, this regional dimension of Genotoul intersects with another, more ‘vertical’ dimension, that of the national biology and health infrastructures (INBS). Each of the INBSs is made up of a number of platforms in France, and their mission is to provide a high added-value service, conduct development work and provide training in a given technology. Recognised nationally for the quality of their activities, several Genotoul platforms are members of the INBSs, such as Genotoul-TRI, which will be incorporated into France Bio-Imaging (FBI) in 2023. Other platforms also benefit from national labels specific to research organisations.


These broader structures, some of which extend to the European level, are a testament to the dynamism of Genotoul’s players, a dynamism that is rooted in the richness of Toulouse’s research and innovation ecosystem. This 2023-2024 edition of the platforms’ highlights and news is another fine illustration of this!



Pierre-Emmanuel Gleizes

Director of Genotoul



Cover photo: Samantha Milia, Anexplo platform

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