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PICT platform

PICT offers a complete package of technologies, with the associated expertise, allowing the identification and design of inhibitors or effectors of pharmaceutical targets of all kinds, and the discovery and design of enzymes… PICT will adapt to your needs in structural biology, screening, and the characterization of protein-ligand interactions.

  • screening for ligand identification and design (we have our own chemical libraries for fragment based ligand discovery as well as for high throughput screening)
  • discovery and random or rational engineering of new enzymes
  • purification and biochemical characterization of enzymes
  • biophysical and thermodynamical characterization of protein-ligand interactions
  • structure determination of biological macromolecules and complexes
  • synthesis of complex peptides
  • analytical chemistry (chiral chromatography…)

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Mots-clefs : Structural biology, Biophysic, Carbohydrates, Analytical chemistry, Chromatography, Protein-ligand complex, Screening, Drug, Enzymatic engineering, Protein-protein interaction, Petides, Proteins, Nuclear magnetic resonance, Chemical synthesis