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Genotoul Bioinfo

The GenoToul bioinformatics facility provides resources and skills to support regional, national and international scientific programs in the field of Bioinformatics. Resources include computing power, storage space and access to public biological databanks and generic/specific bioinformatics software. The team also develops skills to support scientific programs in the field of large scale sequence analysis (genome assembling, genome annotation, RNAseq and small RNAseq data analysis, metagenomics, variation analysis,….).

  • A computer farm : about 5000 cores (INTEL-2014, AMD-2012), 34 Tera Byte memory (3TB on a SMP machine) ;
  • User data storage ;
  • Access  to main biological public databanks (raw and indexed data);
  • Access to more than 200 softwares ;
  • Web servers and virtual machines hosting infrastructure ;
  • Training ;
  • Expertise ;
  • Support to scientific programs ;
  • Software development.

Mots-clefs : Sequence analysis, Animal, RNA, non-coding RNA, Genome assembling, Bioinformatics, System Biology, High throughput data, Agro-environment data, Biomedical data, Eco-systems, Plant genome, Human, Storage and computing infrastructure, Data integration, Metabolomics, Metagenomics, Microorganisms, Genme assembling, Plants, Polymorphism, Biological network, RNAseq, Structural variation, Data visualization