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Human Biological Resource Center

The CRBh platform, a center for human biological resources, brings together the 3 CRBs implemented by the Toulouse University Hospital: Germethèque, CRB-Cancer and Toulouse Bio-Ressources. CRB’s mission is the preparation, packaging, storage and provision of human biological resources, organized in major thematic collections. Biological resources come from two sources: 1 °) biomedical research protocols, and 2 °) the care sector, where the samples for medical analysis can be secondarily requalified for research. CRBs operate according to a specific quality reference (standard NF 96-900), ensuring strict regulatory compliance, H24 / D7 thermo-vigilance, computerized management of resources and associated data. The specificities of the 3 CRBs constituting the CRBh platform are presented below:

  • GERMETHÈQUE – Biological resources concern fertility, procreation and human development. Among the specific resources are oocytes, spermatozoa, follicular fluid, seminal plasma, germinal tissues, culture media from embryos…
    CRB-Cancer is dedicated to tumor pathology.
  • CRB-Cancer has tumoral and non-tumoral tumor-associated samples collected in 12 major areas (lymphomas, melanoma, tumors fom brain,  colorectal, breast, urological, lung, ENT, soft tissue, gynecological, skin and bone). A histopathology platform is dedicated to research and develops immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization and Tissue MicroArray techniques.
  • Toulouse Bio-Ressources (CRB – TBR) is a multi-thematic CRB, comprising 40 collections developed around 3 major axes: 1 °) cognitive, neurological, cardiovascular, osteoarticular and metabolic disturbances associated to aging; 2 °) diseases associated to development and childhood; 3 °) infectious pathologies. The CRB provides the preparation and management of a variety of biological samples: blood and derivatives, genomic DNA, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, feces, tissue biopsies, cells in culture.

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