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Centre national de ressources génomiques végétales

The French Plant Genomic Resources Center (CNRGV) is a national infrastructure, unique in France. The CNRGV offers to the international, public and private scientific community genomic resources and innovative tools to carry out large, ambitious research programs to improve plant species of major agronomic interest. It is a Center of Biological Resources specialized in genomic resources of agronomic interest, unique in Europe. The CNRGV is both a centre of reference in plant genomics and a service provider to the scientific community. The CNRGV therefore gives to the international scientific community the biological material and indispensable expertise to carry out research programs in genomics.

  • Construction of BAC banks of large genomic fragments
  • Distribution of genomic samples
  • Optical mapping of genomes
  • Characterization of targeted genomic regions

Mots-clefs : QTL analysis, Genome assembling, Biobanking, Biobanking, Agro-environment data, Eco-systems,
Plant genome, Genme assembling, Genomic Resources, Structural variation