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Scientific integrity at the CNRS: Principle and implementation.

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Today, the rapidly evolving context of science profoundly transforms the ways in which knowledge is developed and shared.
The construction of large projects in strong institutional mix (including public-private-society), the support on shared research infrastructures, the generation and the use of data and algorithmic analysis (big data) , digital simulation capabilities, citizen science, open publication, etc. are used on a scale never achieved before at a global level and open new perspectives for scientific breakthroughs. It is in this context, scientific integrity, but also deontology and ethics, must be reanalysed. Scientific integrity and research ethics are linked.

In this context the CNRS set up a poistion specifically dedicated to scientific integrity and appointed Rémy Mosseri, CNRS’s scientific integrity referent.. R. Mosseri will give a seminar on this subject on September 19th, 2019 at 11 am at Paul Sabatier University (Ampère Amphitheater).

The PICT platform is co-organizer of this seminar.

Free and compulsory registration.