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GeT: The Chromium device from 10x Genomics

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During the last year, the GeT platform strengthened its technological offer in “single molecule” and “single cell” analysis. Indeed, 5 years ago, the platform was positioned among the first in “early access” on an automatic device for “Single Cell” preparation: the C1 of the Fluidigm society.

The C1 Single Cell System, based on microfluidic technology, allows to isolate and deal from 96 to 800 cells for targeted expression analyses (96 targets) and NGS nucleic acid sequencing (full-length mRNASeq, 3 ‘or DNASeq). At the end of 2016, the platform was equipped with a machine allowing massive and parallel isolation of a cell in a droplet up to 10,000 cells and prepare 3’ barcoded libraries from the mRNA contained in each droplet. This machine is the Chromium of the company 10x Genomics. After the libraries have been prepared, the sequencing is carried out on Illumina’s HiSeq3000 (50 to 100k reads per cell).

This new technology complements the C1 and allows, at the cell scale, to carry out cell diversity studies and to characterize all the populations present in a sample.

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