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Genotoul Societal 2023 workshop videos

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Did you miss the workshops organised by the Genotoul Societal platform on the theme of the environmental responsibility of research: what are the issues for society?


You can now listen to or listen again to the presentations recorded on this occasion.


Themes of the 3 workshops:

  • Section 1 – Environmental and societal challenges associated with research
  • Section 2 – Governance, decision-making and the direction of research
  • Section 3 – Implementing eco-responsible research and lessons learned


Scientists have been studying the global environmental situation for many years now, and we are now faced with a series of key challenges (e.g. depletion of resources, loss of biodiversity, climate change, etc.). Against this backdrop, a host of issues are emerging in all areas of society (e.g. agriculture, housing, transport, the economy, etc.). Various players are working together to raise awareness and implement practical solutions.


Scientific research must also be aware of its responsibility in these issues, since “taking into account the environmental impacts of research should be considered as part of research ethics” (COMETS, 2022).


Enjoy your viewing!






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