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Genotoul Scientific Day on 9 November 2023

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Understanding host-microbiota interactions
Thursday 9 November 2023 from 9.30am to 4.30pm

Marc Ridet room at INRAE Auzeville

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The concept of the “holobiont” is now being used in studies involving all the kingdoms of living organisms, and invites us to rethink the notion of the organism.


Following the example of discoveries about the intestinal microbiota, plants and animals appear as communities of organisms in symbiosis. Understanding the dynamics of interactions within a holobiont requires us to identify the organisms that make it up, the signals they exchange, the conditions of their homeostasis, the evolutionary strategies that guide them, etc.


The aim of this scientific day is to present the concept of holobionts in different animal and plant organisms and the methods used to study them, in particular through meta-omics approaches.

A round table will focus on data analysis in this field of study.




  • Claudia Bartoli, Institute of Plant Genetics and Protection (IGEPP), Rennes
  • Nicolas Cénac, Digestive Health Research Institute (IRSD),Toulouse
  • Sylvie Combes, Genetics, Physiology and Breeding Systems Unit (GenPhySE),Toulouse
  • Catherine Guynet, Molecular Microbiology and Genetics Laboratory (LMGM),Toulouse
  • Jacques Izopet, Toulouse Institute of Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases (INFINITY),Toulouse
  • Fabienne Vailleau, Plant Microbe Environment Interactions Laboratory (LIPME), Toulouse


Round table:

  • Ludovic Cottret, TOXALIM unit, food toxicology, human nutrition & animal health, Toulouse
  • Claire Hoede,Toulouse Applied Mathematics and Informatics Unit (MIAT)  Genotoul Bioinfo platform, Toulouse
  • Benjamin Lelouvier, Vaiomer Company,Toulouse


09:30 Welcome

10:00 Introduction by, Pierre-Emmanuel Gleizes

10:10 Claudia Bartoli, “The holobiome/hologenome theory: can we really proved it?”
10:40 Jacques Izopet, “Viral infection: persistence, host response and pathophysiology”

11:10 Sylvie Combes, “Structure diversity, functionality and modulation of milk OLIGOsaccharides in monogastric livestock species: towards optimal development of rabbits and pigs HOLObiont”

11:40 Catherine Guynet, “Impact of microbiota heterogeneity on the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

12:15 – 13:45   lunch break


13:45 Nicolas Cénac, “From the discovery of new bacterial lipids to the therapy in visceral pain”

14:15 Fabienne Vailleau “Plant-microbiota interactions: towards precision agriculture to improve plant health”

14:45 Round table

16:00 Closing


Thank you to the members of the organising committee: Florian Bellvert, Xavier Collet, Christine Gaspin, Pierre-Emmanuel Gleizes, Christophe Roux et Matthias Zytnicki.


free registration with possibility of lunch on site until 8/11/23 10h00 am at the latest